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Who am I
Nick Roux
Located in Eastern Cape, South Africa
Contact me via my talk page or email
My RouxWiki entry is at Roux, Nickolas Johannes (1969)
Why did I start this wiki

I have always wanted a copy of our family coat of arms and could not believe there were non available in the public domain or under an open license.
I just wanted to legally download a copy, it does after all belong to me already, I am a Roux, it is my family coat of arms!

I therefor opened up Inkscape and drew one myself. Once done I decided that other Roux family members may also be in the same predicament and would also like to have a copy of it for free. So I registered the domain to host it.
From there things quickly snowballed as I started receiving email requesting and offering information about the Roux family.

Thus the wiki was born, to allow anyone interested in the Roux family to get together and contribute information on our History and Genealogy.

Wish list

I am looking for an original copy of the book Die Familie Roux by Johannes vd Bijl (ISBN 0869654640). If anyone has a copy for sale or know where I can find one, please contact me via my talk page or email.

Other wikis where I contribute
Wikipedia, Commons, WikiTravel, Wikimapia, Midrange wiki

Things that need further investigation
  • "Reports of all cases decided in the Supreme Court of the Cape of Good Hope during the year 1897 - In the matter of Jacobus Petrus Roux [1]
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