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How do I add a new entry?

Click here

Who owns this wiki?

The domain is registered to Nick Roux and is privately funded.

Who can make content changes here?

Anyone that agree to our goals may edit content. This does mean that content you have submitted may be changed by other people.

Who owns the content on this wiki?

Text content is owned by individual contributors and licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Images may have different licenses and should be checked individually before being reused.

See also: Privacy Policy and Copyleft

There are many genealogy software suites available, why use a wiki?

A number of reasons:

How do I get a email address?

Unfortunately, due to limited funding, there is only a small number of mailboxes available and your chances of getting one is rather small.

May I build my personal homepage here?

Sure, you may add personal content under your User page.

May I put my photo album here?

Please don't, this wiki is privately funded and have limited disk space. Rather use a service such as Flickr and link to it from your User page. Turning this wiki into a photo album is one of our non-goals

One or two photos per person article is however encouraged, especially historically relevant photos.

Ek is ook 'n Roux, maar ek praat Afrikaans, wat nou?

Kyk na hierdie artikel

How do I become an administrator for this wiki?

Administrators are selected by the current administrators based on the quality of content an individual contributes. Nagging, begging and threatening will not gain you administrator rights. Don't call us, we will call you.

I am researching my family tree, where can I find more Genealogy information?

Have a look at the Genealogy resources page for links and contact information.

I have a different surname, how do I set up a wiki for my own family?

Check if the domain for your family is available. Use the whois option at [1].

If your domain is available you will need to register it and find somewhere to host the wiki. Host4Africa is a good, inexpensive option. They will register the domain in your name and provide you with hosting space.

Once you have the domain and space to host it, download MediaWiki and follow the installation instructions.

Customize the wiki to your own taste

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