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Genealogical Data

On 1665 at Orange, Vaucluse, France, Exact date of birth unknown
On 1723/02/07 at Paarl, South Africa

Male symbol.png Male

Wedding Rings.png Marriage with Seugnet, Claudine (1671)on 1690
  1. Roux, Paul (1689) (Birth date 1689, Birth location Paarl, South Africa, Gender Male)
  2. Roux, Pieter (Pierre) (1692) (Birth date 1692, Gender Male)
  3. Roux, Hester (1693) (Birth date 1693, Gender Female)
  4. Roux, Anne (1694) (Birth date 1694/12/25, Birth location Paarl, Gender Female)
  5. Roux, Joseph (1696) (Birth date 1696/10/14, Gender Male)
  6. Roux, Jeremias (1697) (Birth date 1697/10/01, Gender Male)
  7. Roux, Jean (1699) (Birth date 1699/04/27, Birth location Paarl, Gender Male)

Wedding Rings.png Marriage with Couvert, Elizabeth (1676)on 1717

Male symbol.png Father: Roux, Jérémie , Probable father, not confirmed
Female symbol.png Mother:

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Children of Roux, Jérémie in other relationships
  1. Roux, Paul (1665) (Birth date 1665, Mother name Unknown)


Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1688 aboard the ship VOC Ship China. The book The French refugees at the Cape states

Roux, Paul of Orange, arrived in 1688, the first teacher and " Voorlezer " of the French congregation, died at Drakenstein 7th February, 1723. He married (i), before 1694, Claudine Seugnet of Saintonge (2) Elizabeth Couvret, widow of the Refugee Josue Cellier. He did not require assistance in 1690. On 7th June, 1696, he passed a power of attorney in favour of Rev.Salomon Bernard, minister of the French congregation, and Nathaniel Goutier, merchant; of Amsterdam.

On 8 November 1688 was appointed schoolmaster and church clerk under Rev. Pierre Simond at the Drakenstein church.[1] He filled these posts until his death 35 years later.[2]

Paul was self sufficient and did not rely on financial assistance that was provided to some of the Huguenots. [3] For some reason he also send money back to Holland in 1699,[4] possibly for payments to a Jan Cotzee (Coetzee) or Cotzee's wife Hillegond Boonen.[5]

He married Claudine Seugnet, one of three sisters from Saintonge, sometime before 1694.[6]

Paul wrote a catechism book, Belydenis des geloofs, that he used when teaching his pupils. The location of original is unknown, but in 1743 this book was copied by Von Wieding. The copy can be found in the Cape State Archives, G 3/5a.

Between 29 August 1694 and 27 November 1701, Paul kept a register of all baptisms in the Drakenstein church. The origional in French was entitled Liure de Register des Enfans qu'on a Baptize dans notre Eglise francoise dedrakestein.[7]

On the 16th of September 1718, Paul laid one of the cornerstones of a new church to be build in Drakenstein (upper Paarl today).[8]

Paul Roux died on the 7th February 1723.[2][9]

Paul Roux (Ons Stamvader) gebore in Orange Frankryk ongeveer 1665. Hy was "waarskynlik" die seun van Jérémie Roux. 'n inwoner van Orange. Paul arriveer in Kaapstad 1688 met die "Berg China". Omdat hy Frans en Holland magtig was, waarskynlik omdat hy van Frankryk na Holland gevlug het en eers 'n geruime tyd daar gebly het voordat hy na die Kaap gekom het, word hy aangestel as voorleser en eerste onderwyser van die pasgeskigte skool in Drakenstein skool.

Paul Roux is getroud met Claudine Suegnet in 1690. Claudine kom van Saintogne, Frandkryk. Sy was een van 3 susters wat hul in 1689 by die Stellenbosche gemeente aangesluit het

Uit die huwelik van Paul en Claudine is 7 kinders gebore van wie net 2 seuns en 1 dogter 'n nageslag gehad het. Paul is na Claudine se dood in 1721 vir die 2de keer getroud met Elisabeth Couvert (Gebore in Orleans 1676) weduwee van Josué Cellier (ook van Orleans). Paul is oorlede in die Paarl op 1723/02/07.


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