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Arrival South Africa

The history of the Roux family in South Africa started on the 4th of August 1688, with the arrival in the Cape of Paul Roux (1665 - 1723/02/07) aboard the VOC Ship China.

Paul Roux is thought to be have been born in Orange, France in 1665. As a French Calvinist Protestant (Huguenot), Paul fled France along with many other Protestants after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes [1] in 1685; travelling first to Switzerland and then the Netherlands before embarking on his voyage to the Cape.

Also on the VOC Ship China were two other male Roux Huguenots; Pierre en Jean Roux. Pierre Roux was from Cabriére and Jean from La Morin in Province.[1] There are no records of either these two having had any children.

Along with many other Huguenot refugees, Paul settled in, what is known today as the town of Franschhoek (French corner) where he married Seugnet, Claudine and later Couvert, Elizabeth.

Another independent family tree may possibly exist with Roux, Antoine Augustin Joseph (1825) at it's root. It is known that he was married with a Harriet Yallop, but little is currently know about Roux, Antoine Augustin Joseph (1825)'s descendants.[2]

Mentions are also made to the following people with the Roux surname in the Cape during the late 1600's and early 1700's.

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