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Books about the Roux family

This book contains a detailed family tree of the descendants of Roux, Paul (1665), from the time of his arrival in the Cape until the 1900's. While it mentions Roux, Antoine Augustin Joseph (1825) as the root of another possible family tree, it does not contain any information on his descendants after the first generation.
Possible errors in this book
  • Entry: b2c4d6 Page:8 for Daniël Roux (1763/09/11 - ) states that Daniël married Anna Susanna Kringe in 1787, but at the same time give Anna's birth date as being in 1785. This would have made Anna 2 years old at the time of the marriage.
  • Entry: b2c4d1e3f8g1h5i6 Page:159 for Lourens Jacobus Roux (1927/10/31 - 1999/05/18) states that the first names should be Lourens Johannes, but contributor Rouxtjie, son of Lourens, indicates that it should be Lourens Jacobus.
  • Entry: b2c3d5e1f8g2h2i10 on Page 143 for Christiaan Erns Gerhardus Roux (1914/06/03 - 1968/06/18) states that date of birth is 1914/01/03, but his children and notes in the family bible indicates that his date of birth was 1914/06/03.
  • Conflicting information between the entries of Catharina Elisabeth Roux (1789/03/25 - 1855/11/01) and Jan Daniël Roux (1788/01/06 - 1838/08/19) regarding place of marriage and Catharina's date of birth

Huguenot related

South African Families

Roux documents

The Historical Archives at WITS has the following Roux related material:

Papers, 1877-1986.
8 boxes.
Correspondence, notebooks, scrapbooks, photographs, including some of the second
Anglo-Boer War, and family tree of the Roux Family who arrived in South Africa in 1690. Includes some papers of E.R.Roux, botanist and politician.
Inventory available

Link: [1]


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